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The activities of Disentis Catrina Experience

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Summer Activities



At the base of Piz Badus, near the Oberalppass, is the small and mystical Tomasee. Up here the source of the Rhine is born, and the stream transforms into a river, becoming ever larger and flowing into the North Sea. The starting point for excursions is the Oberalp Pass. With the shortest route it is possible to reach the source of the Rhine in about 1 hour and a half. The longest and most demanding route leads to the Pazolastock.

Kloster Disentis


Art, culture, history, guided tours, lodging, gastronomy and much more can be found in this sacred place. A 1400 year history in which wellness periods alternate with looting and destruction. Visit this wonderful cultural site and its experiences will enchant you. Immerse yourself in the past and discover what has guided Disentis in all these centuries. A fantastic trip for adults and children will be waiting for you.

Curtin Medellin


Climbing, abseiling, cable car that crosses the gorge, balanced between suspension bridges and much more - this is the "Curtin Medelin" adventure park in a Medelserrheins ravine near Disentis. The unique events between steep rocks and rushing water make it so unique. Ideal for families and groups. The guides of the Muntognas mountaineering school will guarantee maximum safety.


"Strahlen", the crystal search, has decades of tradition in the valley. The area around Disentis is known for a wide variety of minerals - and therefore the perfect place to "shine". Arm yourself with a pickaxe and a little patience and you will see that with luck you will be able to take your crystal home with you.


Lama Trekking


A unique experience. In the region llama farms have been introduced for unusual mountain trips and excursions. Once the llama smells its "Llamarello" you're done, you're ready for the excursion. A very special and interesting activity for children too. We organize half-day, one-day or multi-day treks with Lamaventura. An unforgettable experience in the alpine landscape of our beautiful mountains.

Gold rush


Let your holidays turn golden! The region around the source of the Rhine is known for its gold deposits. To be successful, you need the right technique, patience and a good dose of luck. In a gold wash course you learn some gold washing tricks and the guides can give you some good tipp.

Nepalese rope bridge


A real team building. Everything starts from ropes that must be knotted and positioned in the correct position so that the bridge can support the weight of its "engineers". Once built, the bridge will be fixed and will act as a way to cross the river. Ideal for team building, and for groups of friends.


Discipline, body control, concentration and patience are necessary in archery. The art of shooting with a bow and arrow is among the oldest hunting techniques used since ancient times. The perfect experience for families and friends and a perfect team building event.

Goats in Caischavedra


Since ancient times goats have been brought to graze in Caischavedra during the warm season, in their lush green fields the animals have found an optimal food for the production of milk and meat products. Even today, from June to September, you can watch these animals in Caischavedra. You and your children will have the opportunity to learn new things about these animals with Geissenpeter.

Indoor Climbing


In the Sport Center you will find a wonderful climbing gym for all levels; whether you are a beginner or a real climber you will find the way best suited to your needs. The wall of the gym reaches 13.5. Another area of the gym is dedicated to Boulder. We also organize lessons for children to introduce the new generations to this fascinating sport. The equipment can be rented at the sports center.

Winter Aktivitäten



Unfortunately, snowtubing can no longer be offered this winter.



Zorbing is a recreational activity in which one or more people can enjoy themselves in a giant transparent inflatable ball. Football, rotation, sumo, running and crash ... the only limit is imagination. At Disentis we organize various activities related to this fun that unites adults and children. You can do it all year, fun is guaranteed.

Walking with horses


An activity of other times. A carriage ride to get away from the frenzy of everyday life and where the only noise you will hear is the clog of the hooves. An top activity both for friends, couples but above all for families. Your children will love it.

Walking in nature

In the woods, on the snow-covered plains or along the Rhine, you will find various ways to discover the small villages around Disentis and the treasures of these places. Along the paths you will find refreshment points and benches, where you can admire the high mountains that frame the region.

Farm life


You will appreciate the life of the various farms, thanks to the many guided tours organized throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to spend a day with your children. You can take care of the animals and see all the stages of milk processing. A unique, unusual and, above all, BIO experience that brings you closer to the environmentally friendly techniques of craft production

Center da Sport


In the multi-purpose sports center, you can do various activities, with friends or with your family. The center is a short walk from the valley station of the ski area. The structure consists of an external area and an internal area. In the outdoor area you will find a multi-sport field, an ice skating rink and an illuminated synthetic grass field. Inside you will find a fully equipped gym, a climbing gym, a sports hall and tennis courts.

Photo credit: Disentis Sedrun Tourismus, Daniel Winkler, Kloster Disentis, Mattias Nutt, Heidi Meier, Catrina Experience, Disentis Bergbahnen

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