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The titles of our World Champion Pizzaiolo Claudio Vicanò reach far beyond the borders of the Surselva.  Also pizza to take with you. Buon appetito!




There are few world champions and we have the best! Claudio Vicano' has prepared a tailor-made menu for you. The classic ones, the white pizzas and his special pizzas... Moreover, as always, you can create your own personalized pizza. But Stiva Ursus is not only pizza, you can also choose from an "à la carte" menu with delicacies of all kinds, regional and international.


Pizza from our World Champion Claudio Vicano'

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Piazza Catrina

Via Acletta 5

+41 81 929 54 54

Parking spaces are available in the Catrina car park. When paying, please show your parking ticket.

Catrina-Experience Take-Away

Has ti gust sin enzatgei gustus?

Profitescha da nies servis da take-away. Ti has l’elecziun denter las numerus pizzas da nies campiun Claudio Vicano ni da differentas tratgas specialas da nies schef da cuschina. Guder quei servis ei sempel: Va sin la pagina d’internet enquera ora tias tratgas preferidas e telefonescha a nus sut 081 929 54 54. Tia empustaziun sas prender encunter el Restaurant Pizzeria Stiva Ursus ella Via Acletta 5 a Disentis/Mustér. Nus spitgein sin tei !

Hast du heute Lust auf etwas Gutes? Nutze den Catrina Take-away Service. Du hast die Wahl zwischen den vielen Pizzen unseres Pizzaweltmeisters Claudio Vicano oder den Spezialgerichten unseres Küchenchefs. Bestellen ist ganz einfach: Gehe auf die Website, wähle deine Lieblingsgerichte aus und ruf uns unter 081 929 54 54. an. Deine Bestellung kannst du im Restaurant Pizzeria Stiva Ursus in der Via Acletta 5 in Disentis/Mustér abholen. Wir warten auf dich!

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