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Small steps for big results in the future: the green road of Catrina Experience

The purchase of the first electric vehicle for Catrina Experience WV ID-Buzz is not just a symbolic event, but represents another concrete step towards an energy revolution that is happening and will continue in the coming years at Catrina Experience and Disentis Bergbahnen. From the moment the Catrina Experience project took shape, we decided to follow certain construction standards, one of which, for example, is the method we used to build our apartments based on the Swiss Minergie construction concept, adopting construction characteristics that guarantee low energy consumption for maximum environmental respect.


An example of sustainability in the mountains is Lai Catrina, the artificial lake that represents an important step forward in the management of water resources in the mountains. Thanks to it, it was possible to save spring water and use the water generated by snowmelt for snowmaking in a clean and sustainable way. The lake has a dual use: in summer it becomes a meeting point for visitors, with bathing areas and playgrounds, while in winter it is used for snowmaking without wasting water. The creation of Lai Catrina represents an important example of how it is possible to reconcile tourist activities with environmental sustainability, ensuring a better future for future generations.


Another aspect of our green philosophy today is the optimization of waste management in our mountain restaurants. Thanks to compactors, all waste is separated, compacted, and stored to optimize waste transport from the mountain to the village. This allows us to have the least possible impact on the environment and save large amounts of fossil fuel.


However, the road to renewable energy is not easy and requires constant effort. Nevertheless, we are working in this direction and are taking steps to become energy-free, currently using renewable energy sources for all our activities.


In conclusion, we want to let all our guests know that sustainability is at the center of our vision, and we are working hard to become an increasingly green company. We are aware that you can't change the world alone, but we believe that every small step forward can make a difference. Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis, an alliance that shares our same philosophy and is working for a more sustainable future for all.

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