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Catrina Skillspark
Disentis Bergbahnen

Catrina Skillspark

CATRINA Skills Park & Pumptrack
Improve your technique while having fun

In recent years, the mountains have been experiencing a golden age for summer sports and in particular with increasing development in the mountain bike market. Many more people decide to spend their free time in the mountains practicing sports related to bicycles. For this reason Catrina Experience wants to keep up with the times by offering sports activities and creating new facilities related to this world.


The pump track is located on the roof of the parking lot. It is accessed from outside, above the parking lot. Please do not ride your bicycle across the parking lot!


The first one consists of a closed modular track with waves and parabolics in which the source of propulsion, as the word "Pump" says, consists in pushing. The origins of this discipline date back to the 70s, where tracks were dug into the ground and a kind of motocross was practiced with BMX. With the passing of time this sport has found its place in the MTB scene and was used as a training track for athletes. Today, with the construction of modular prefabricated tracks the Pumptrack can be customized for various levels of technique, so it has become a discipline dedicated to both, adults and young people.


The Catrina Skills Park instead consists of a series of "Dirt" tracks, which means dug into the ground, which simulate mini Short Tracks. There are four different tracks with different technical levels. You will find drops, parabolics, jumps, waves and even a spiral with a passage under the bridge. It is a multi-purpose structure, ideal for those who want to have fun without big technical limits and for those who want to advance their technical and training level. Every September the Nino's Bike Day's organize a MTB event in collaboration with Cornercard and Nino Schurter in which participants enjoy themselves with Nino to improve their training and have fun. One of the most popular activities are the workshops in the skills park.


One thing is guaranteed: if you try it, you don't want to stop.

flowtrail track.jpg

Flow Line Expert

Flow Line Expert: Trail for the expert biker. There are some challenges waiting on the track.

Stone blocks, two drop heights of up to 2 meters, Jumpline with table and a Nortshore path.


Flow Line Advanced

Flow Line Advanced: Trail for the sporty biker looking for small challenges.

Flowtrail with a maximum slope of 10% with parabolic curves and waves that can also be slide.


Flow Line Easy

Bike Trail Expert+: Trail for the expert biker. Large initial gravel, along the way you will find many drops of various heights


Uphill trail

Uphill Flowtrail: A path that will take you to the starting point with climbs and hills.

He climbs his 35m altitude in the shortest possible time and finds himself on your favorite trail



«The project launched will place Disentis in the coming years as one of the major mountain bike destinations in Switzerland with particular attention to the target family. From the future collaboration with the Thömus RN / Swiss Bike Team, DISENTIS CATRINA EXPERIENCE expects a lot.»

-Marcus Weber-

«We are very pleased to bring all our know-how to the project. Disentis will become the base camp of our team and therefore the starting point for all future successes - so consequently we will do our best»

-Ralph Näf-