CATRINA Flow Trail
A new line in Disentis

Steep curves, hollows, bumps, wooden bridges and an incredible panorama. Are you ready for something extraordinary? We introduce you to the new flow trail in Disentis. A flow trail is a mountain bike trail on which it is possible to ride a mountain bike in a flowing manner along the entire route. The trails are suitable for both children and experienced riders and are becoming increasingly popular. 

 Ralph has created a varied trail with four kilometers in length and a difference in altitude of about 300 meters from Gendusas to Caischavedra. Four kilometers full of adrenaline and fun. Thanks to the changes made to the Gendusas chairlift, it is now possible to load up the bikes and do as many descents as possible on a beautiful summer day. We guarantee you, it will be hard to stop.


 A special concern for us was also to preserve the beautiful and intact nature that we love so much about Disentis.




«The project launched will place Disentis in the coming years as one of the major mountain bike destinations in Switzerland with particular attention to the target family. From the future collaboration with the Thömus RN / Swiss Bike Team, DISENTIS CATRINA EXPERIENCE expects a lot.»

-Marcus Weber-

«We are very pleased to bring all our know-how to the project. Disentis will become the base camp of our team and therefore the starting point for all future successes - so consequently we will do our best»

-Ralph Näf-