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Catrina E-MTB Schweizermeisterschaft Disentis

Catrina E-MTB Hill Climb


11. September 2022

Hill Climb King

Are you a convinced e-biker? Would you like to test your skills and your trusty e-bike?  Disentis Catrina Experience, in collaboration with the Thömus MAXON Racing Team, has created just the right challenge for you. Become the new king or queen.


You will come across technical sections that will test your skills. You will cross valleys and forests, climb mountains, and enjoy the magnificent views of Disentis and Sedrun. Speed isn't everything, but fun is; riding skills, good physical condition and a sense of direction are required on this technical course.


Special E-MTB weekend in Disentis with two awesome  events

On Saturday and Sunday, September 10-11, a weekend dedicated to the world of E-MTBs will be held in Disentis. The second edition of Disentis Catrina E-MTB Swiss Championships (the first one was organized last year also in Disentis with a large turnout of athletes) will take place on Saturday, September 10.  On Sunday, September 11, there will be an event with a fun new open format, dedicated to all electric bike lovers, conceived by MTB Champion Ralph Näf : the “Catrina E-MTB Hill Climb King.” Saturday night will feature the  “End of Season Party” for the conclusion of the competitive cycling season.

Catrina E-MTB Hill Climb King

The second event of the weekend will start as early as Saturday evening with the Prologue Hill Climb session, where competitors will be challenged to reach without resting their feet to the highest point of the Skills Park at Catrina Experience in Disentis. On Sunday morning the race will start from Piazza Catrina along the 50km track, the contestants will be competing in taking as many points as possible from 6 different challenges they will find. The trials will sometimes be fun, such as finding and photographing things, and sometimes technical such as passing sections of the course while trying not to get off the bike. This format was conceived by MTB Champion Ralph Näf and is not based on time but on points, and the goal is not to finish first, but to enjoy a wonderful route through selected and spectacular locations between Disentis, Sedrun and Curaglia


10. September 2022

Catrina E-MTB Swiss Champ

On 11 September, the second official Swiss E-Bike Championship will take place in Disentis in cooperation with Swiss Cycling.


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