Disentis Catrina Experience

Our new project for families

This spring Disentis has begun a new mountain bike project for the renovation of existing structures and the construction of new structures, all dedicated to families, amateurs and sportsmen. DISENTIS CATRINA EXPERIENCE will collaborate with Thömus / RN swiss racing team



Skills Park

A new idea for everyone. In the area of S. Catrina in Disentis will be created in the Resort, 5 different trails for mountainbike, designed for different uses. Whether you want to train yourself or have fun in our Skills Park you will find the best line for your needs. In the skills park are integrated many elements that will improve your MTB technique and will make you progress. Ralph Näf is developing this new concept with Catrina Experience.


1 Ort auf 2 Rädern

With the opening of the new Salins Cuolm da Vi cableway, innumerable possibilities have opened up for all those who want to venture along our paths with bicycles. Disentis Catrina Experience reinvents itself by starting a project dedicated to MTB. The project consists of the modernization of existing MTB trails and the implementation of new ones. We want to build multi paths for everyone so that from professionals to amateurs, passing through families, everyone can find a real paradise for the MTB. Another fundamental point for the realization of the new paths is to create structures dedicated only to cyclists so that they do not interfere with trekking lovers. This wonderful project will be followed by Ralph Näf, a former mountain bike professional and the Thömus RN / Swiss Bike Team team manager who has entered into a long-term collaboration with DISENTIS CATRINA EXPERIENCE


«The project launched will place Disentis in the coming years as one of the major mountain bike destinations in Switzerland with particular attention to the target family. From the future collaboration with the Thömus RN / Swiss Bike Team, DISENTIS CATRINA EXPERIENCE expects a lot.»

-Marcus Weber-

«We are very pleased to bring all our know-how to the project. Disentis will become the base camp of our team and therefore the starting point for all future successes - so consequently we will do our best»

-Ralph Näf-